Obituary: Shirley Ruth

Shirley Ruth of Nashville, Tennessee passed away on January 7, 2013 after a brief illness. She will be dearly missed by family, friends, bookies and neighbors. She was a lifelong writer, accomplished photographer, and Chief Financial Officer of Radnor Towers Bank & Mistrust, where she presided over the loan department.

She loved to dance, hated to cook, enjoyed a great humor, and threw things in anger with incredible accuracy. Always certain and often wrong, Shirley was devoted to mother earth, dedicated to the road less traveled, and committed to a spendthrift lifestyle.

Preceded in death by her husband Clyde, and two sons, Donald of Hawaii and Arthur of Nashville, she is survived by three sons, Paul in Minnesota, Richard in Washington DC, and Roger in Columbus, Ohio. Shirley is also survived by three daughters, Roberta of New Mexico, Christina of Tennessee, and Margurite of California. Four of her children couldn’t live without her. Four couldn’t really care less. All were impacted by her indefatigable spirit and relentless energy. None would have accomplished what they did without her influence.

A memorial service will be held at Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashville at 2:00 PM, Saturday, February 2, 2013, on the day she would have turned 95 years of age.

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