Obituary: Clyde Niebling

After 72 years of a life filled with travel, war, children and politics, Shirley’s husband Clyde finally checked out on March 22, 1982. The memorial service reflected his life, filled with laughter, tears, low blows, and high fives. Husband, father, neighbor and adventurer, his life was marked by unexpected success, frequent disappointment, well-deserved accolades and occasional resentment.

Raised as a boy in Florida, his family relocated to Minnesota, where he became a driver for a Minneapolis bootlegger. Clyde joined the U.S. Army when World War 2 began, and was quickly deployed to the Pacific theater. There he distinguished himself as a marksman, medic, chauffer and card shark. He even stole an enemy howitzer during that time, a feat which would have landed him in the brig if he hadn’t received a medal for it first.

At a time of life when most men consider retirement, Clyde and his wife Shirley joined the Peace Corps, working in the African Congo. He also served with the Minnesota National Guard, where he rose to the rank of Major, and was the founding commodore of the Lake Of The Woods Sailboat Race.

Clyde is survived by his wife, sons Arthur, of Nashville, Paul, of St. Paul, Richard, of Albequrque, New Mexico, and Roger, of Bloomington, Minnesota. He is also survived by daughters Roberta, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Christina of Woodstock, New York, and Margurite of San Diego, California. Clyde was preceded in death by one son, Donald.

A memorial service will be held at the Moravian Church in Chaska, Minnesota at a time and date TBD.

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